Siberian Husky Grooming Tools

Grooming day in our household is something to behold. With three dogs we have a lot of fur flying around, but before it gets too bad, we try and keep to a regular grooming schedule so our poor vacuum cleaner isn’t over worked.

Fortunately, all of the dogs enjoy their grooming and lineup when they see the brush come out or hear the ‘brush’ word. This is definitely something that’s critical. Having a dog who doesn’t like being groomed can become a problem. You should definitely look into any issues or behavioral problems and do your best to solve them. This could take time, sometimes just having the brush around, or holding the brush when petting your dog could help a lot. Get the dog used to the brush. Ultimately, whether it’s a Siberian Husky or not, the dog needs to be reassured during the entire grooming process. If you need help for your Husky, try visiting your vet and asking for help, they’ll be happy to give you any information.

Metal Brush

We’ve found that not one brush can do it all when it comes to Husky grooming. Before we begin the brushing, we inspect our dogs for anything on their body or in their fur that shouldn’t be. Once we’ve done the quick inspection, we like to use a metal comb (with wide and rounded teeth) to slowly work out and remove any loose/dead hair. If you come across any knots when grooming your Husky, they need to be worked out slowly.

Furminator / Furbuster / Shed Ender

After all the loose hair has been removed, it’s time to brush a little more thoroughly. Now, there are many opinions on the brushes mentioned above. Some dog owners swear by them as the only brush to use while others think they aren’t worth the money. Personally, we use the Furminator. I can’t speak for the other two brushes mentioned, but I know that the Furminator does a great job of removing fur from our Husky.

Undercoat Rake

Many Husky owners use an undercoat rake when grooming their Husky. If you’re not showing your Husky then I would say that a tool like this probably isn’t necessary. However, if you are showing your Sibe, then an undercoat rake would probably be a good idea.